In Dot Dot Dog, the only thing we care about is the healthiness and happiness of our beloved pets.

It is important to understand what kind of food is harmful but at the same time what kind of food is tasty and healthy for dogs and cats. Our homemade products are fresh, tasty – and of course healthy. Premium pet supplies and treats are also available here.

Let’s get your pet an unforgettable taste of the world!



到後來在澳洲生活了一段時間,發現不是每個人都明白健康飲食對毛小孩的重要性。爲了宣傳何謂適合寵物的食物,兩個90後女生就毅然開始了Dot Dot Dog,並且將健康快樂的信念帶到香港,為香港的毛孩們帶來最新鮮最美味的料理。

除此之外,Dot Dot Dog亦不斷搜羅世界各地最優質而價錢合理的寵物用品和小吃,給愛貓狗的主人們一次又一次滿足的購物經驗。